Our Mission

Our Mission

Why are we doing this?

A connected workforce ecosystem is key to personal, economical and societal growth.

Whether you’re a Career Center, Employer or Job Seeker, we’re helping the world work better by connecting the entire talent marketplace digitally

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Why bother?

The labor market is changing. The current system of hiring and recruitment is no longer serving the needs of employers, jobseekers, or communities. That's why we've created TalentSensus.

Career Center staff want to focus on jobseekers rather than data entry, but they don't have the tools they need to do it. TalentSensus automates key functions and incorporates self completion increasing Job Center productivity by 800%.


A new kind of marketplace connecting talented people to employers saving costs on traditional recruitment methods. TalentSensus allows employers to post jobs, screen candidates, and hire on-demand in real time through the American Job Centers and beyond.


Talent shouldn't fall through the cracks because of outdated systems or unfair processes. TalentSensus showcases jobseekers hidden skillsets helping them achieve their highest potential.


Our platform was built specifically with universal access in mind. Our mission is to all people to have an opportunity to reach their full potential and be able to access all services available to them.

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Why now?

Advancements in technology and digital inclusion has given us the opportunity to serve all people and transform the experience of all stakeholders within the labor market.

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Why TalentSensus?

“Everybody knows a Clare”

What we mean by this: It means there’s a Clare in every company – she works in a crucial business role but knows every client, every diary and the birthday of everyone’s child.

Clare is crucial to the business but utilizes many skills that go unrecognized. Recognizing Clare's talents and saying "thank you - I see you", could be the difference between her staying or leaving.

Successful leaders know that the people who work for them are their most valuable assets. They understand if their people don't feel appreciated, they will leave.

But what if you could see all the hidden talents of your team? What if you knew exactly what each person was accomplishing without being told? And what if you could make sure they knew how much they mean to the company? TalentSensus gives you that ability.

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