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We see you

We know your talents extends beyond job titles and tasks on your resume. TalentSensus quickly helps you discover your career pathway.

We have heard from jobseekers around the complexity of existing recruitment platforms and candidate screening technologies which are complicated and intrinsically biased. So, we have built a more useful, customer friendly platform. Giving the jobseeker full control of their future is our priority.

Helping you with your next career move:

  • Online tools to take ownership of your career.
  • Connect to vacant positions instantly with local employers.
  • Connect with your local Career Center and Learning Providers
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Trust in your skills!

Frustrated applying to jobs and never hearing back? Do you think your skills are not getting the attention they deserve?

We make sure that your skills are at the forefront of the decision making for employers by ensuring that only your skills profile is visible to the employer until the point of interview. Our automated and logical Applicant Tracking System makes sure you are never left in the dark after applying for a job, by keeping you informed along the way.

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How TalentSensus improves your prospects

  • Our talent management system goes beyond a resume and shines a light on all your skills
  • Skills based job matching - helping you get an interview
  • Helps you create a personalized digital skills passport
  • Access to Symphony and its opportunities for upskilling on topics like business writing and Excel
  • Receive a Skills Audit and recommendations for training and upskilling opportunities
  • Have your digital CV updated in real time as you update your skills in TalentSensus
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Why are we connecting the Labor Market Ecosystem? Read more at Our Mission page.

Our Mission