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We know the labor market is more competitive than ever – we also know your talents extend way further than the job titles on your resume. TalentSensus quickly finds that ideal job for your suite of skills, and gets you back to work.

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Unconscious bias thrives in hard times

Research has found that someone’s name can increase their callback chances by 50%. Competition for jobs further ingrains unconscious bias – of all kinds. By upkeeping anonymity until an interview is confirmed, TalentSensus encourages a diverse and inclusive workforce.

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How TalentSensus improves your prospects

  • Our talent management system goes beyond a resume and shines a light on all your skills
  • Decreases the unconscious bias of potential employers - helping you get an interview
  • Helps you create a personalized digital skills passport
  • Access to Symphony and its opportunities for upskilling on topics like business writing and Excel
  • Receive a Skills Audit and recommendations for training and upskilling opportunities
  • Have your digital CV updated in real time as you update your skills in TalentSensus
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Why are we taking on unconscious bias? Read more at Our Mission page.

Our Mission